About Us

Elite Medical is the leading private-duty nursing provider in the Greater Boston area. Elite Medical is recognized for our dedication and commitment to providing the highest quality healthcare 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Organization

Elite Medical is a forward thinking organization that offers a unique set of personal and medical care services. Our services give clients the opportunity to access high quality medical and consultation services, with a homelike approach.

Our Mission

Elite Medical at Home LLC. is an accredited home care nursing company specializing in providing 24/7 patient care in Massachusetts. Our mission is to provide the utmost guidance and security when families make the transition from the hospital to at home care. We strive to deliver quality services to each of our patients through clear instruction, kind facilitation and direct attention.

Our services include physical therapy, occupational therapy and skilled nursing including but not limited to – specialized nursing, clinical management, wound care, diabetes management, phlebotomy / infusion, post-op care and respiratory management.

It is a priority of ours that once you become a patient of Elite Medical at Home, you become our family too.

Our Team

Our company was founded by Dr. Muiz Khir, a medical practitioner with over 20 years experience in the health care industry. It was the goal of Dr. Muiz Khir to build a company that’s foundation was to provide the highest quality care to all. With great thanks to his extraordinary medical team and administrative staff, Elite Medical at Home has grown into a company far beyond his original dreams. The Elite Medical at Home team is filled with the most dedicated individuals to ensure that each patient receives the care that they deserve.

Our Clients

Elite Medical at Home would never be where we are today without our amazing cliental base. With every new nursing case we receive, a new relationship is formed. Our nurses are here to provide the greatest care to all that need it. We are a demographically diverse company and provide care to all genders and races, and specialize in both pediatric and adult care.


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Service satisfaction rate of our patients and families

We are hiring qualified nurses all year long. We have flexible hours & locations! If you are interested, get in touch with us today!


Home Health Care offers skilled professional health care services in the comfort and convenience of your home. Your home health care team takes on an interdisciplinary approach, collaborating with your health care providers to individualize your services. Your team will develop a plan of care, integrating one or more services.


Elite Medical at home accepts medicare reimbursement for those patients who meet the medicare requirements. Private insurance reimbursement is considered and accepted depending on eligibility. Personal payment is also accepted for home health care.


Elite Medical at Home can offer help and support in many ways:

1. Support for the client, caregivers and loved ones.
2. Home health care promotes healing and safety with a decreased risk of infection.
3. Allows the client more freedom and independence.
4. Provides specialized care while integrating medical, personal, cultural, financial and emotional needs of the client.
5. Access to highly skilled nurses and health care professionals trained to use high-tech medical equipment and administer therapies
6. Elite specialists can assist with specialized adaptations to your home to fit your changing needs.